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Anwenk Ukulele Picks Leather Ukulele Bass Picks Soft Genuine Leather Top Grade Multi-Color,4 Pack 
Brand: Anwenk
Material: Leather
MPN: UkelelePicks-4P
  • Top Grade Ukulele Picks- These Ukulele Picks help deliver authentic sound of your ukulele.Don't make a percussive sound like the plastic and metal picks when it hits the ukulele strings.

  • Genuine Leather- They made of durable genuine leather that help bring mellow authentic sound as well as withstand rigors of everyday use.This time-proven picks exceed most of felt picks.

  • Soft and Comfortable- Gets softer during use while never too much. The leather ukulele picks touches soft and comfortable,do not scratch your ukulele. They give you a smooth playing and you can feel the quality in your finger.

  • Multi-Color Options- Double sides leather with different colors- Front side:Black,Red,Brown,Red.; Back side- Brown,Light brown.

  • Excellent Gift Item- Check out Anwenk Guitar Strap for more gift idea.

Product description

Anwenk Ukulele Picks Genuine Leather Top Grade Multi-Color,4Pack
Colorful Ukulele Picks, comes with 4 colors picks options- Classic Black, Elegant White, Passionate Red, and Vintage Brown.Total 4 Pack.These top grade ukulele picks are made of double sides genuine leather, high durability that can last for years of use. They help delivers a mellow authentic sound when hit the ukulele strings and exceed most felt picks,plastic picks or metal picks.

Your Wise Choice
These soft and comfortable leather picks are very popular and we also sell them to Germany and other European countries. These time-proven leather ukulele picks will be a wise choice for both beginners and professional ukulele player and an excellent gift item for your friends.

Ukulele picks material: double sides genuine leather,soft
Ukulele picks quantity: 4 pieces
Ukulele picks size: 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm x 0.25 cm
Ukulele picks colors: Front-Black, White, Brown, Red,Back-Brown/Gray/Light Brown

Touches soft and comfortable.
Nice for Ukulele, and other low tension instruments.
Help deliver rich authentic sound.
Comes with 4 colors picks options.

Package includes:
4x Leather Ukulele picks