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Droduct Details
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11 Degree Angled Leg Mounting Plates, with Hanger Bolts,Screws,Set of 4 
Brand: Anwenk
Material: Metal
Item Weight: 8 ounces
Package Dimension: 2 x 2 x 0.25 inches
Item Package Quantity: 4
Color: Sliver
  • 11 DEGREE ANGLED.Strengthen/ Repair Furniture- No more wobbly legs ! This furniture leg attachment plates are designed for attaching legs to new or damaged sofas, couches, seats, ottomans and more. NOTE: THEY ARE 11 DEGREE ANGLED.Your chair woods need NOT to cut in 11 degree in order to fit the mounting plates.

  • Industrial Standard – Each T-Plate is 2" by 2" (L x W) and 1/4" deep (approx). Plates have 5/16" threaded (metric M8) attachment holes for hanger bolts ,have 4 unthreaded holes(5mm).

  • Easy Installation within Minutes - No need to purchase hanger bolts separately . You have EVERYTHING ready to install furniture legs feet!. Package includes all necessary parts- 4 sets of angled sofa leg mounting plates; 4 pcs of M8 hanger bolts; 4 pcs of M8 female converters; 16 pcs of screw adapters for 5mm unthreaded holes.(Metric M8 is Ikea standard).

  • Convert to U.S. Standard Legs - If your sofa legs are pre-drilled for M10/M8 hanger bolts, these plates allow you to use metric 8mm and convert to U.S. Standard Legs by simply attach these mounting brackets over the hole in the furniture frame.

  • 4 sets pack.You have everything ready for the setup.Add them to your shopping cart and save more money!

Product Description

When You Will Need Furniture Legs Attachment Mounting Plate

Attachment points on furniture are damaged or missing the threaded nut ,T-Nut become loose or cannot be installed that your furniture becomes so weak and wobbly. These leg attachment plates can help repair and strengthen your furniture by simply attaching them over the existing hole in the leg frame for standard metric 8mm(M8) center to accept your furniture legs.

Convert Furniture from M10 to U.S. Standard M8 Holes

Some European imported furniture (Ikea, Natuzzi, etc.) pre-drilled sofa legs with M10(10mm) wide bolt. While U.S. standard is 5/16" (Known as M8)wide bolt. Using a set of T-Plates centered over the existing hole in your furniture and you can adapt your furniture to accept 5/16"(M8) hanger bolts.

Note: They are not straight but 11 degree angled let mounting plates.Search"B01HTWQFKA" for straight leg mounting plates.

These T-plates are 2"by 2" and fit most sofa/couches/seats/ottomans in market because they can fit over existing and damaged holes in the frame. They do not fit for large legs which the pre-drilled holes are over 2"by2"

What You Get

4 X sofa leg mounting plates

4 X 5/16” (Metric 8mm /M8) hanger bolts

4 X 5/16” (Metric 8mm /M8)female adaters

16 x screw adapters for 5mm unthreaded holes