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Droduct Details
Chair Leg Floor Protectors for Hardwood Floor, Chair Leg Caps for All Shape Chairs Feet 
Brand: Anwenk
Material: Silicone
Item Weight: 3.98 ounces
Package Dimension: 4 x 3.5 x 2 inches
  • 【Smart Chair Leg Tip for All Shape of Chair Feet】- Common size suitable for chair feet with perimeter of 3-3/4” to 6-5/16” (95-160mm) .Can be adapted to all shape of chair feet such as round /square/rectangular/ irregular chair feet. Widely applied to chairs, sofa, tables, cabinet, bed, bench and more.

  • 【Durable & Friction Free】 - With cushioned felt-padded bottom base to allow your chairs to glide smoothly and quietly along any floor and prevent scratches, scrapes or harsh grating noises, help protect tile and hardwood floors & furniture legs and making moving chairs more easily.

  • 【Excellent Craftmanship】 - Fused with newly upgraded bottom felt via relatively thicker gel, strong enough to prevent the silicone caps from separating apart or left residue on your floor. Strong enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Strong flexibility and thickened silicone allows wide range fit and ensure higher durability. 100% nontoxic, safe for children & pets.

  • 【Do Not Fall Off】 –Exceed most self adhesive felt pads.If the perimeter of your chair is 3-3/4” to 6-5/16” (95-160mm),this chair feet protectors will grip the chair legs gently and securely without falling off. (Let us know if you need suggestion on other size of chair leg caps.)

  • 【Simple to Use】- Super easy to install the leg protectors for chairs without falling off. Put it on directly to use with no tools needed and no chair foot cleaning needed. Tips:Please measure the perimeter of your chair feet before purchase. Find product images to double check our chair feet size.

Product Description

Anwenk 16Pack New Version Chair Leg Tips- One Chair Leg Cover Fit All Shape of Chair Legs!

To Safeguard Your Precious Floors & Furniture!

Have you experience harsh grating and scratches, damaged floors and chair legs when moving your furniture?

Have you ever use cheaply made stick-on pads and have trouble constantly falling off and easily wearing out?

Have you purchase cheap made chair leg caps that the felt loose and left residue on your floor?

Anwenk chair leg caps help solve all these problem!

Our chair leg floor protectors caps are the 2020 newly updated version with relatively thicker silicone and reinforcing gel to ensure fine craftsmanship and higher durability!


  • Material: Nontoxic silicon + felt pad;

  • Shape: ALL Shape;

  • Product dimension: (L*W*H): 1/5”x1.3”x1/3” ;

  • Fits chair legs in perimeter: 3-3/4” to 6-5/16”( 95mm to 160mm).

  • Color: Brown

  • Number Of Pieces: 16 PCS


  • Wide range fit from 3-3/4” to 6-5/16” 95mm to 160mm in perimeter.

  • Fit every shape of chair legs.No need to consider the chair leg shape.

  • Strong flexibility of silicone caps grip your furniture legs gently and securely without falling off.

  • Cushioned felt-padded backing absorb shock, allow your chairs to glide smoothly and seamlessly across the tile/wood/carpeting/vinyl floors without scratches or harsh noise.

  • Reinforcing felt padding strongly adapted to the silicone, each cap is crafted to be high quality and durable.

Please Check Size Before Purchase.

How to know whether they fit your chairs?

For all shape of chair legs- Suitable size in perimeter 3-3/4” to 6-5/16”( 95mm to 160mm).


For round chair feet- Suitable size in diameter 1.2” to 1.8”.

For square chair feet- Suitable size in side length 1.1” to 1.5”.