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Droduct Details
Anwenk Chair Leg Floor Protectors 1 Inch -Round Black 16 Pack 
Brand: Anwenk
Material: Rubber
Color: Black
  • Inner Diameter 1 Inch- Small chair leg floor protector with Inner size 1”, Fit perfectly for chairs, stools, furniture legs,wire furniture, tubular poles, crutches, canes with Outer Diameter 1”. Note- This chair leg cap Does NOT fit for Legs larger or smaller than 1".

  • Indoor Use- Rubber tips protect carpet from snags and hard floor surfaces from dents, marks and scratches. Slide quickly over the furniture legs for a clean & protective look.

  • Outdoor Use- 0.65oz per leg cap, Super thick and sturdy, high quality rubber caps withstands the rigors of outdoor use in sunny or raining days. Versatile applications for outdoor & patio, commercial, medical and school and more!

  • Friction-Tight Design- Inner friction design allows to install easily. It catches the chair leg firmly without getting loose when sliding over the floor. Bottom friction design to prevent chair slipping but still allows to quickly slide over furniture legs.

  • Top Grade Rubber- These chair leg protectors are made of high quality rubber which will provide lasting protection. They work for both straight and angled legs. Package includes 16 pieces of home& patio chair leg floor protectors, color black.

Product description

Anwenk 1” Chair Leg Floor Protectors Patio Chair Leg Tips High Quality Rubber | 16 Pieces Pack

For Straight or Angled Round Chair Legs, Outdoor & Patio, Kitchen & Dinning | Color Black


Great Rubber Tips for Variety of Applications

These chair leg floor protectors provide excellent protection on hard floor surfaces against dents, marks, scratches and eliminate noisy furniture movement.

Super versatile for indoor home kitchen & dining area; Outdoor & patio area; Restaurant, medical, schools and other commercial settings; They even work for photography stands and music stands alike. Chairs, stools, furniture legs,wire furniture, tubular poles, crutches, canes with outer diameter 1”.


  • Only Fit Chair Legs with Outer Diameter 1 Inch.

  • Super high quality. Heavy & Durable. 0.65oz per leg cap.

  • Friction-tight design for easy installation.

  • Bottom friction design prevents chair slipping.

  • Able to slide over furniture legs quickly.

  • Top grade rubber provides lasting protection.