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Anwenk 1''x1" Square Chair Leg Floor Protectors,16Pack,Black 
Brand: Anwenk
Material: PVC Plastic
Item Dimension: 1"x1"x0.9" inches
Color: Black

Anwenk 1"x 1" Chair Leg Floor Protectors Black,Chair Floor Protectors Tips, Safeguard Your Precious Floors & Furniture!


Have you experience harsh grating and scratches, damaged floors and chair legs when moving your furniture? Have you ever use cheaply made stick-on pads and have trouble constantly falling off and easily wearing out? Anwenk chair leg caps can be your wise choice!


  • Glide your chairs smoothly and seamlessly across the rough ground without scratches or harsh noise.

  • Flexible chair leg caps grip your furniture legs gently and securely without falling off.

  • Color Black, Match your black/ dark color chair legs.

  • Note: The chair leg protectors will not fit for chair leg larger or smaller than 1" by 1".

  • Note: with no felt pads on the bottom, More suitable for outdoor or on carpet.


  • Material: PVC Plastic

  • Shape: square /cube

  • Product dimension:(L*W*H): 1"x1"x0.9" inches(25mmx25mmx23mm)

  • Fits chair legs with length: 1"

  • Color: Black

  • Package includes 16pcs of 1" Square chair leg floor protectors.

How to know whether they fit your chairs?

  1. Measure the largest length of side of a chair leg close to the floor.

  2. Check size options to see whether your chair length of side is 1" long.

  3. They do not fit for chair legs with length of side smaller than 1" or larger than 1".